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No matter what kind of job or what kind of business you have, the Ford Transit Van offers the customization, the size and the functionality you need. All, at a competitive price. If you are researching the most durable work solutions, you should know that Ford has done exhaustive testing with extreme conditions, up to 120 degrees on roads and highways, logging over seven million miles of brutal testing. We think that proves the point. Horizon Ford knows that your business depends on reliability.

What kind of model configurations are available in Transit?

The Transit is available in three different roof heights and three different body lengths. The largest models can accommodate a person standing six feet five inches, plenty of height to comfortably move around in.

What is the Cargo Van Payload Range?

It starts at just over 3,000 pounds (3,060) in the single rear wheel model to 4,500 pounds which is the dual rear wheel Transit model.

What about access?

Both the high roof and the medium roof height models are available with dual sliding doors for easy accessibility.

For Wagon/Passenger Models, what is the seating capacity?

Seating configurations are eight passenger to fifteen passenger seating.